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PVC Foam Sheet / Boards

PVC Foam Sheets / Boards

PRICE: $500 / Mtrs. ExWroks: Hyderabad.

STANDARD SIZE: 1220x2440mm (4’x8’)
THICKNESS: 3mm (1~6mm thickness) (4’x8’)
COLOR: White, Black, Green, Blue, Yellow , Orange & More than 100 kinds of colour.

PP - Injection Grade

PP - Injection Grade

PRICE: $1388 / MTN. FOB: Jeddah Port.

TYPE: Semi rigit, Low Gloss, Resistance to heat, Chemicals, Greese and Oil, Versatile Barrier to moisture.
APPLICATIONS: PP is used to make Yogurt containers, Deli food containers, Furniture, Luggage and Winter Clothing Insulation.

Biodegradable Masterbatch


PRICE: $800 / MTN. FOB: Saigon Port.

TYPE: Masterbatch.
APPLICATIONS: It is used for polymers: Polyethylene and polypropylene (PE & PP) : BIO blowing film, BIO blow molding, BIO injection molding... especially disposable, goods, bags in super market,…..

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